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VIRTUAL EVENT: Digital wayfaring: post-human knowledge practices in higher education

20 January 2021, 12:00 pm–2:00 pm

Lesley Gourlay presenting at event via Zoom. Image: courtesy of the Centre for Higher Education Studies

In this webinar, Professor Lesley Gourlay will present a post-humanist reading of digital literacies which centres on embodiment, materiality, mobilities, and spatiality into our understanding of emergent digital knowledge practices.

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Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES)

Mainstream education tends to portray digital technologies and devices either as inert tools at the fingertips of a neoliberal student or as a force to be feared and therefore harnessed. 

Professor Gourlay will argue that both of these views are problematic and inaccurate. Leading to a collapse into utopian/dystopian binaries and fantasies around digital magic and the disembodied user.

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Image: courtesy of the Centre for Higher Education Studies

About the Speaker

Professor Lesley Gourlay

Professor of Education at the UCL Institute of Education

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