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The Science Capital Teaching Approach

Engaging students with science, promoting social justice.

The Science Capital Teaching Approach is designed to support teachers in helping students find more meaning and relevance in science and, as a result, engage more with the subject. 

The ideas for the approach were co-developed and trialled over four years between Enterprising Science researchers and 43 secondary science teachers in England.


Download, read and use the teacher's pack for a comprehensive introduction to the approach, including exercises and photocopiable resources. 

Science Capital Teaching Approach
Dull Addysgu'r Cyfalaf Gwyddoniaeth

The Science Capital Teaching Approach (PDF)

Dull Addysgu'r Cyfalaf Gwyddoniaeth (PDF)

We are happy to provide a more accessible version of these PDFs if needed - please contact ioe.sciencecapital@ucl.ac.uk to request a different version.

An introductory version of The Science Capital Teaching Approach is also available in Norwegian - for more information please go to the Realfagsløyper website.

We have a number of resources translated into other languages - please get in touch to request a digital copy or if you’d like to discuss translating any of our material: ioe.stemparticipationsocialjustice@ucl.ac.uk


Download Improving Science Participation policy overview (PDF)

  • Unfortunately we are no longer able to share physical copies of the resources but you can still access the digital resources online.
  • Planning to train others on the Science Capital Teaching Approach? Contact us for additional resources, including an introduction video by Professor Louise Archer.
  • We'd love to know what you think! Share your thoughts, views and experiences.

Email us at ioe.sciencecapital@ucl.ac.uk

Watch some of our teachers explaining their experience of the approach and why they think it is valuable


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