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Art, Design and Museology

The IOE is host to a vibrant art, design and museology education community committed to widening participation and promoting learning in and through art and culture.

About our subject area

Art, Design and Museology (ADM) is a friendly and stimulating place for postgraduate students and has a long and distinguished history.


Our programmes will equip you with the knowledge, skills and academic frameworks to engage professionally in schools, galleries, museums and other cultural organisations in London, nationally and globally:


Our interdisciplinary reach reflects the diversity of professional backgrounds. Our research spans art and design in education; education in museums and galleries; curriculum development and art as a cross-curricula subject; arts education and artistic research; learning outside the classroom; the influence of technology, critical performative pedagogy, informal learning at heritage sites and much more.

Staff and students

Our staff and students contribute to public-facing cultural activities disseminating their research at international conferences and public events and participating in and curating exhibitions. Further, staff and students participate in lobbying and advocacy for better international understanding.

Transcultural exchange

Our broader world-view invites national and international dialogue and alliances as we develop a better understanding of the role of arts education and activism in transcultural exchange.


We are based in central London and we collaborate with diverse organisations and practitioners across the city, enabling us to contribute significantly to the capital's unparalleled cultural life.

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