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Making Autism Research Accessible to Teachers (MARAT)

Develop your capacity to use research evidence in working with children with autism.

What is MARAT?

The MARAT programme brings together research and practitioner experience to:

  • Develop a whole school approach to understanding what constitutes effective practice in autism education,
  • Develop the capacity of staff to make informed use of research evidence and build capacity across the school to engage effectively with research evidence across a range of areas,
  • Promote the professional development of staff by involving them in research.

Who is MARAT for?

MARAT is aimed at school practitioners working in early years, primary and secondary education, across mainstream and special settings. The programme requires the commitment of the SENCO/Inclusion Manager or other senior leader involved in inclusion, and one teacher working with one or more child with autism. The programme usually runs with participants from several schools and one of the key benefits is the opportunity to collaborate with other schools and learn from their experience of engaging with research evidence.

More information

Contact us at inclusive.education@ucl.ac.uk