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Help shape education for future generations

We are driven by inclusion, social justice and the capacity of education to change lives. We work with global partners to find the solutions to real-world challenges.

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Our work creates opportunities and promotes social justice, supporting people of all ages to thrive in today’s world and giving them the tools to adapt and contribute to the future.

A history of making a difference

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Our academics, students and alumni have been working to shape the future of education since the IOE’s foundation in 1902.

Professor John Adams delivered the inaugural lecture, titled 'The Training of Teachers', placing particular importance on the need to understand the contents of children's minds and the way they worked.

A dynamic and purpose-driven community

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At the IOE, you will join one of the world’s most dynamic education research communities, tapping into social science and psychology as well as education to answer questions such as: what is the purpose of education? What should its values be? Who is responsible for education, and what does it mean to be responsible?

A future of making an impact

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As a teacher, you will be responsible for the developing minds of the children you teach, and the challenge is to equip them for a world we cannot foresee.

The IOE’s expertise in social science, psychology and educational technology enables us to understand, respond to and shape change.

Join the debate

As thought-leaders in the educational sector, we run a lively calendar of talks for stakeholders in education. #IOEDebates bring together a range of experts including academics, politicians, practitioners and policy makers to discuss radical and inspiring ideas for alternative education futures.

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