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The UCL Institute of Education (IOE) is a global leader in teacher education.

Become an IOE teacher

  • Learn to teach with the best.

    The IOE has been ranked number one in the world for education for the past six years. Our PGCE programmes are rated Outstanding by Ofsted across all subjects and phases. IOE teacher educators are actively engaged in cutting-edge education research, with many of them writing the textbooks on every aspect of teaching.

  • Teach in London, teach anywhere.

    More London schools choose to partner with the IOE for teacher training placements than any other university. Children in London’s diverse, exciting schools outperform those in the rest of England regardless of their ethnicity, whether or not English is their first language, and whether or not they have a disability. We helped shape this world-renowned success story and you will help continue it, wherever you teach.

  • The IOE approach.

    Every IOE PGCE student has a personal tutor who is an expert in the curriculum and pedagogy of their subject and phase, and placement mentors who will support you in your placement schools. Our gradual immersion approach starts with teaching a few students, then a group, and then a whole class, until you have the skills to manage, guide and inspire the children you teach. At the same time, the critical thinking skills we teach you from day one of your PGCE will equip you to lead education for future generations throughout your whole career.

  • Leading education for future generations.

    As a new teacher, you will be responsible for the developing minds of the children you teach, and the challenge is to equip them for a world we cannot foresee. At the IOE, you will join one of the world’s most dynamic education research communities, tapping into social science and psychology as well as education to answer questions such as: what is the purpose of education? What should its values be? Who is responsible for education, and what does it mean to be responsible? Our academics, students and alumni have been working to shape the future of education since the IOE’s foundation in 1902.

We offer teacher training programmes to prepare you for every stage of education. Specific details are listed under each programme.

Stages available

Early Years



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