Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


Programme for LMC Workshop 'MK40'


Friday 25 June 2021

12.30Invited speaker Bart Geurts

Common ground as a normative condition

13.30Humans and apes create social closeness by co-attending to the same thing in close proximity, but only humans create additional closeness through establishing common ground about this experience being shared.Wouter Wolf
14.00Common knowledge that help is needed increases helping behavior in childrenBarbora Siposova, Sebastian Grueneisen, Katharina Helming, Michael Tomasello and Malinda Carpenter
14.50Invited speaker Malinda Carpenter
 What is common knowledge, and what (else) is it good for? 
15.50Poster Session 1Lightning talk videos
17.10Invited speakerHarvey Lederman
 Publicity and Precursive Faith 
18.10An Externalist Account of Perceptual Common KnowledgeAxel Seemann
18.40Speaker adjustments to addressees during language productionMyrto Grigoroglou and Anna Papafragou
19:30Introduction to Neil Smith LectureDeirdre Wilson
19.35Invited speakerHerbert H. Clark
 The Neil Smith Lecture – sponsored by Mind & Language
How do we manage the uncertainty inherent in communication?


Round Table discussion


Saturday 26 June 2021

12.30Invited speakersDan Sperber and Deirdre Wilson

Rethinking Common Ground

13.30Perceiving commitments: When we both know that you are counting on me Francesca Bonalumi, John Michael and Christophe Heintz
14.00Preschoolers’ sensitivity to knowledge differences about object existence and object identity in real-time language processingNarae Ju, Elizabeth Morin-Lessard, Craig Chambers and Susan Graham
14.50Invited speakerDaphna Heller

Cognitive mechanisms for sentence processing: From common ground to multiple perspectives.

15.50Poster Session 2Lightning talk videos
17.10Invited speakerHenrike Moll

How Infants and Toddlers Use Joint Experience To Recover Reference.

18.10Assertion is weakMatthew Mandelkern and Kevin Dorst
18.40Joint Attention and CommunicationRory Harder
19.30Invited speakerMandy Simons

What Common Ground Cannot Do

20:30Round Table discussion 

Poster Session 1

Friday 25 June 2021, 15:50 BST.  All presentations run simultaneously

Breakout roomTitle (link to abstract)Speakers/authors 
1Common Knowledge Promotes Cooperation in the Threshold Public Goods Game by Reducing UncertaintyPaul Deutchman, Dorsa Amir, Matthew Jordan and Katherine McAuliffeView lightning talk
2Preschoolers’ use of emotional prosody to resolve communicative ambiguity as a function of speaker conventionalityKarolina Wieczorek, Elizabeth Morin-Lessard, Craig Chambers and Susan Graham
3The early emergence of belief justification in young children

lldikó Király, Réka Schvajda, Mikolaj Hernik, Pierre Jacob, Dan Sperber and Gergely György

4Communicating for knowledge: pre-verbal infants actively and selectively seek information from others in epistemic uncertaintyMarina BazhydaiView lightning talk
5Establishing a common locus of attention in mother-infant-dyads: British and Ugandan infants’ early responding to joint attention skills in response to naturalistic maternal attention directing signalsJoanna Buryn-Weitzel, Maisie Thurman, Ed Donnellan, Kirsty Graham, Maggie Hoffman, Eve Holden, Charlotte Knapper, Nicole Lahiff, Sophie Marshall, Gideon Salter, Claudia Wilke, and Katie SlocombeView lightning talk
6We know that we don’t know - Children’s understanding of common ignorance in a coordination gameLucy Liu, Malinda Carpenter and Juan Carlos-GomezView lightning talk
7The development of joint attention and communication from 6 to 10 months of ageGideon Salter and Malinda CarpenterView lightning talk
8The role of visual perspective-taking in pragmatic inferencingElspeth Wilson, Blanche Gonzalez De Linares, Ekaterina Ostachenko and Napolean KatsosView lightning talk
9Effects of “We”-framing on Young Children’s Commitment, Sharing, and HelpingJared Vasil and Michael TomaselloView lightning talk
10Children's interpretation of ambiguous pronouns based on prior discourseManuel Bohn, Khuyen Nha Le, Benjamin Peloquin, Bahar Koymen and Michael FrankView lightning talk
11Grammatical encoding of shared knowledge: towards a cross-linguistic typologyEva Schultze-Berndt, Karolina Crzech and Henrik Bergqvist:View lightning talk

Poster Session 2

Saturday 26 June 2021, 15:50 BST. All presentations run simultaneously

Breakout roomTitle (link to abstract)Speakers/Authors 
1Intersentential Anaphora and Situation PragmaticsLukas LewerentzView lightning talk
2Speakers extrapolate community-level knowledge from individual linguistic encountersAnita Tobar, Hugh Rabagliati and Holly Branigan:View lightning talk
3Lewis on common knowledge: reasoning with reasonsHuub VromenView lightning talk
4Evolutionary pragmatics: A diachronic view of Common GroundPaula Rubio-FernandezView lightning talk
6Cooperation with Police as Non-Cooperative PragmaticsMarina Weinstein, Danielle Dionne, Nathaniel Graham and Dylan Pato, Elizabeth Coppock 
7Performative and Informative Update in AssertionsManfred KrifkaView lightning talk
8Factivity, prosody, and at-issueness: Investigating the projection behavior of (non-)factivesTaylor Mahler, Catherine Lai and Marie-Catherine de MarneffeView lightning talk
9I didn’t mean to suggest anything like that!’: Plausible deniability and context re-constructionDiana MazzarellaView lightning talk

Tracking disruptions of common ground for belief attribution and update

Agnes Kovacs, Frances Buttleman and Dora FogdView lightning talk
11Pronoun interpretation in the context of dynamic action: A test of the retrieval hypothesisTiana Simovic and Craig ChambersView lightning talk
12How people establish reference in three-party conversationXiaobei Zheng, Zhi Xia and Yuxiu Han
13Loosening repair in language logicalitySalvatore Pistoia-Reda and Uli SauerlandView lightning talk