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VIRTUAL EVENT: Official launch of the Centre for Outer Space Studies

05 October 2020, 7:00 pm–8:30 pm

NASA/SDO/Goddard Space Flight Center - Sun Primer

A COSS CATALYST event , themed on 'Earth', with Simon Faithfull (UCL Slade School of Fine Art), Divya M. Persaud (UCL's Mullard Space Centre) and Nicola Baldwin (UCL Creative Fellow 2019-20), introduced by COSS Director, Dr David Jeevendrampillai.

This event is free.

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UCL Centre for Outer Space Studies

4-10th October is World Space Week, which seems an auspicious week to officially launch the Centre for Outer Space Studies

The Centre for Outer Space Studies (COSS) was founded to promote research and teaching related to the social study of Outer Space and our relationship to the cosmos and the planet. It aims to act as a catalyst for serious debate, via talks, exhibitions, film screenings and other events that help us explore the socio-political impact of space science and the wider human relationship to outer space. The Centre is housed within the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies, and is directed by Dr David Jeevendrampillai

The event will be in the form of a COSS CATALYST, where our three speakers will present bite-size thought pieces on the theme ‘Earth’. We present an exciting line-up including critically acclaimed Slade artist Simon Faithfull, whose practice has been described as an attempt to understand and explore the planet as a sculptural object; Nicola Baldwin, an award winning playwright who writes on themes of friendship, space, politics, history and more and is currently working on a piece ‘Woman from Mars’ about astronaut Helen Sharman; Divya M. Persaud, a planetary scientist, writer, and composer. There will then be an online meet-and-greet to find out all about the centre and how you can get involved. The event will run on Microsoft Teams.

Register to take part at https://launchouterspace.eventbrite.co.uk

About the Speakers

Simon Faithfull

at UCL Slade School of Fine Art

Faithfull’s practice has been described as an attempt to understand and explore the planet as a sculptural object – to test its limits and report back from its extremities. Within his work Faithfull often builds teams of scientists, technicians and transmission experts to help him bring back a personal vision from the ends of the world.

More about Simon Faithfull

Divya M. Persaud

at UCL Mullard Space Centre

Divya M. Persaud is a planetary scientist, writer, and composer. With an ongoing focus in remote sensing for planetary geology and geophysics and is completing her Ph.D. at UCL's Mullard Space Centre.

More about Divya M. Persaud

Nicola Baldwin

at UCL Institute of Advanced Studies and UCL Urban Lab

Nicola Baldwin is a writer for performance. She creates work on commission, in collaboration, on her own initiative – about love, friendship, science, space, politics, history, and the stupendous crises of ordinary life. She writes for theatre, radio, TV, film, installation, abandoned spaces, for audiences.

More about Nicola Baldwin