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Categorically Jewish lecture photo
Categorically Jewish, Distinctly Polish

19 October 2022

With the Institute For Polish-Jewish Studies.

Moshe Rosman (Bar-Ilan University), Chair: Antony Polonsky (Brandeis), Discussant: François Guesnet (UCL). At this book launch Professor Rosman will discuss some principles that have guided his research and writing. He will describe how these shaped and gained expression in Categorically Jewish, Distinctly Polish.

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The Holocaust and the exile of Yiddish
The Holocaust and the Exile of Yiddish:  
A History of the ‘Algemeyne Entsiklopedye’

26 October 2022

BOOK LAUNCH with the Institute for Polish-Jewish Studies. Barry Trachtenberg (Wake Forest University), Chair: François Guesnet (UCL), Discussants: Antony Polonsky (Brandeis), Sonia Gollance (UCL). 

This is not only a story about destruction and trauma, but also one of tenacity and continuity, as the encyclopedia’s compilers strove to preserve the heritage of Yiddish culture, to document its near-total extermination in the Holocaust, and to chart its path into the future.

Recording link: https://ucl.zoom.us/rec/share/CrCbKDcrb_cp7_QXIhGxXMWLgYIRVrgqYrrlQsanlx...
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Sefer Yosippon lecture photo
Sefer Yosippon: rediscovering the Jewish past in the Middle Ages 

27 October 2022

A lecture when Tessa Rajak will talk about new views of Sefer Yosippon: rediscovering the Jewish past in the Middle Ages. Chaired by IJS director Mark Geller (UCL) 

Recording link: https://ucl.zoom.us/rec/share/PtfHNAuwDvzqjtaAwqfXxt8HN21vc6YJLMN6Y7d446...

The Scholems lecture photo
The Scholems - a German-Jewish family between emancipation and destruction

3 November 2022

A fascinating exploration of the varied life and times of The Scholems - a German-Jewish family between emancipation and destruction. Jay Geller, Professor of Judaic Studies at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, will talk about the four sons of Arthur and Betty Scholem, all of whom took different paths in the ensuing years of war, revolution, fragile democracy and persecution. In the 1930s, their journeys variously led to exile, imprisonment, and international renown. Chaired by Michael Berkowitz of UCL.

Recording link: https://ucl.zoom.us/rec/share/81Is3QUPBzJ2KmmPyCVHFkBGzw1XB9VnDrdVDfnsOp...

Gemeinsam gegen Deutschland lecture poster
‘Gemeinsam gegen Deutschland’. The Yiddish Press in Warsaw and the Rise of National-Socialism in Germany 

9 November 2022

Anne-Christin Klotz (University of California, Berkeley), Chair: François Guesnet (UCL), Discussant: Antony Polonsky (Brandeis). By analyzing the Warsaw Yiddish daily press and additional sources, we can focus on how Polish Jews acquired and disseminated subversive knowledge of the goings-on in National Socialist Germany in spite of censorship and repression in Germany and Poland alike, and also on how they initiated campaigns of protest and solidarity to the benefit of the people being persecuted.

Recording link: https://ucl.zoom.us/rec/share/oQX36mU291XcQb9nrOCaexVyugvTeEUFKFe2nITuB0...
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A Go-between the third reich lecture picture
A Go-Between in the Third Reich - the life of Friedemann Boschwitz 

16 November 2022

Paul Michael Kurtz (Ghent University), Chair: Michael Berkowitz (UCL). Friedemann Boschwitz (1909–1974) was one of the last Jews to obtain a PhD during the Third Reich, Boschwitz bound many worlds together: the German and the Jewish, theology and history, academia and the arts, left-wing politics and Zionist nationalism. His is a fascinating and groundbreaking story. 

Recording link: https://ucl.zoom.us/rec/share/imiiLKvtpJEktEEyNKT3VleW7iUMor0wprssCXt5Ye...

Qohelet lecture photo
(Re)contextualizing Qohelet after two centuries of Modern Research. Qohelet in its Hellenistic Jewish context

22 November 2022

Nili Samet (Bar-Ilan University), Chair: Mark Geller (UCL).

This lecture attempts to explore some of the potential of studying Qohelet within its Hellenistic Jewish context, and therefore the intellectual history of its time and place.

Recording link: https://ucl.zoom.us/rec/share/qf-GVJTVuulew5Ig3ikb4QmRO9PXp93GEuPY1OQ95C...

Samuel Hirszenberg: A Polish Jewish Artist in Turmoil

29 November 2022

BOOK LAUNCH with the Institute for Polish-Jewish Studies. 

Professor Mirjam Rajner, Professor Richard Cohen, Professor François Guesnet (chair) and Professor Antony Polonsky (discussant). Samuel Hirszenberg was born into a traditional Jewish family in Łódź in 1865.He gradually became attached to Polish culture and language as he pursued his artistic calling. His work, which deserves to be more widely known, intertwined modernism and Jewish themes, and he influenced many later artists of Jewish origin. 

Recording link: https://ucl.zoom.us/rec/share/EUwJtph2YbOkTH7e1-TLZZiZr3mDoaLdrOiWF26alY...

Huqoq lecture picture
Making Space:  The Huqoq Synagogue Mosaics and the Viewing Experience

1 December 2022

Ra'anan Boustan (Princeton), Chair: Sacha Stern (UCL). This lecture considers the sophisticated visual strategies that were employed across the various zones within the synagogue’s mosaic program to structure and mediate the viewing experience. The composition, placement, orientation, and framing of the various mosaic panels or groups of panels in the synagogue conditioned how viewers would have moved through—and thus experienced—the carefully differentiated spaces within the building. This analysis demonstrates the value of an approach to synagogue mosaics that foregrounds their physical placement within the broader architectural environment. 

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