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Ada Rapoport-Albert seminar series on contemporary Hasidic Yiddish

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This online seminar series is devoted to all aspects of Hasidic Yiddish language and linguistics, both historical and contemporary. Seminars and roundtable discussions will be held on Zoom one evening a month from August 2020 to July 2021. The series will include participants from a wide variety of academic backgrounds including linguistics, Yiddish studies, and Yiddish pedagogy, with speakers from within and outside Hasidic Yiddish-speaking communities. Talks are free and open to the public. The series comprises an element of our ongoing AHRC-funded research project on contemporary Hasidic Yiddish based in the UCL Departments of Linguistics and Hebrew & Jewish Studies. It is dedicated to the memory of Professor Ada Rapoport-Albert (1945-2020) and her scholarly work on the history of Hasidism.


4 August, 2020 Inaugural round table: 'Perspectives on Hasidic Yiddish language' with Khayele Beer, Meyer Labin, Tali Loewenthal, Heather Munro, Naomi Seidman

13 October 2020 Heritage Hasidic Yiddish in Israel Dalit Assouline, University of Haifa

3 November 2020 Yiddish and the imbrications of language, ideology, and gender in Habad Hasidism Eli Rubin, UCL

1 December 2020 Yiddish in London Habad schools (talk in Yiddish, with English subtitles) Tali Loewenthal, UCL

12 January 2021 Attitudes toward change in a maintained language: Yiddish in New York (talk in Yiddish, with live English translation) Isaac L. Bleaman, UC Berkeley

2 February 2021 The Rise of Hasidic Yiddish theatre Wojciech Tworek, University of Wrocław

2 March 2021 Gefilte fish and sushi: Hasidic orientation and vowel change in New York Hasidic Yiddish Chaya Nove, CUNY

11-15 March 2021 Ada Rapoport-Albert Seminar Series on Hasidic Yiddish Discussion Weekend

12 April 2021 Weinreich's Transcarpathian Journey Leyzer Burko, Bar Ilan University

11 May 2021 Yiddish among ex-Haredim Eli Benedict, UCL and Yung Yidish

15 June 2021 Enlightened Hasidic Yiddish: From Digital to Print-Media Ayala Fader, Fordham University

3 August 2021  The Politics of Language: Haredi Language Choice and Political Identity in Israel Heather Munro, University of Durham

TBC Is Haredi Satmar Yiddish a Creole? Steffen Krogh, Aarhus University



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