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Human Informatics, Emerging Technologies, Future Interfaces, Affective computing, AI, Personalisation, Agent-Based Modelling, Augmented & Virtual and Reality, VR/AR/XR/AI Therapy & Digital Well-being.

UCLHI researchers work at the convergence of multiple disciplines that are concerned both with understanding and modelling human activities with the design of information systems and intelligent computational technologies.

Daniela Romano


Daniela Romano -  is an experienced researcher in the Department of Information Studies. She is currently studying the Human-AI relationship, Affective Computing Technology and Game Addiction in Virtual Reality. Her work is often in collaboration with industry and applied.

Felipe Sheward

Felipe Sheward - is a PhD candidate in the Department of Information Studies. His PhD topic is Affective Footwear. He is investigating the footwears influence on human movement and the biomechanics throughout the manifestation of fatigue during movement tasks. The proejct will develop affective footwear that adapt to its user. He is supervised by Dr Daniela, M Romano, Dr Nicolai Marquardt, UCL Interaction Centre.

Fjorda Kazazi

Fjorda Kazazi – is a doctoral student in Experimental Psychology and memebr of UCLHI. She is researching how to diagnose attentional issues, and develop Virtual Reality Training  to improve attention. She is supervised by Professor Peter Howell and Dr Daniela Romano.

Fjorda Kazazi - Human Informatics
Olga Loboda

Olga Loboda - is a PhD candidate in the Department of Information Studies. Her PhD research explores the transformations of visitor experience with recommender systems in physical museums. Olga is supervised by Dr Julianne Nyhan, Dr Daniela Romano and Simon Mahony.

Peter Williams

Peter Williams -  is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Information Studies. He is currently working on a full-time Post-doc Fellowship from the British Academy, entitled ‘Digital Lives’,  investigating the role of ‘digital technology’ (mobile phones, laptops, apps, social media etc.) in the lives of people with learning disabilities.

Thomas Langford

Thomas Langford - is a PhD candidate in the Institute of Neurology. His research focuses on the development of personalised digital rehabilitation therapies for people with language impairments (aphasia/alexia) acquired after a stroke or brain injury.  He is funded by an MRC industrial CASE studentship and supervised by Prof Alex Leff, Prof Jenny Crinion and Dr Daniela Romano in collaboration with the industrial partner, Ashley Peacock (Passio).


Latest Projects:

Manh Pham


The project  aims to develop a proof of concept demonstrator, which will utilise agent-based-modelling and virtual reality technology, to support reasoning and decision making during large construction projects, deployed on phases. ClearStation is in collaboration with Costain, and the case study is Gatwick airport station regeneration project. Funded by UCL EPSRC IAA. 

Manh Pham is our Researcher on the project, under the supervision of PI Daniela Romano.


UCLHI External Partners and Collaborators

  • Prof Nicolas Martin, School of Clinical Dentistry, University of Sheffield,
  • Dr Wei Liu, Electonic and Electrical Engineering, University of Sheffield,
  • Dr James Henshaw,  Division of Neuroscience & Experimental Psychology, University of Manchester,
  • Dr Stephen Kellett, Clinical Psychology Unit, University of Sheffield
  • Helena Drury, Clinical Psychologist/Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Sheffield IAPT

UCLHI Publications: