Information Studies


Pete Williams


Pete is a Honorary Senior Research Fellow, based in the Department of Information Studies at University College London. For most of the last 12 years (and at various times beforehand) he has examined the use of information technology by people with learning disabilities. The most recent of these was a three year full-time Post-doc Fellowship from the British Academy, entitled ‘Digital Lives’, investigating the role of mobile digital technology (smartphones/tablets, along with their constituent apps, social media etc.) in the lives of people with learning disabilities. Prior to that his research included ‘Optimising website design for people with learning disabilities’ (ESRC-funded); ‘Using QR codes to aid museum accessibility (UCL/Reading University); Beyond the Road Ahead: Accessible information for people with learning disabilities (SCIE) and Project @pple: Developing a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for adolescents with learning disabilities.

In addition to his learning disabilities work, Pete has investigated the use of the Internet and other ICT applications in the fields of education, health, scholarly communication/research, and the news media. He recently worked on the major MIRRA+: Memory – Identity – Rights in Records – Access project, developing a 'participatory' record-keeping system for use in child social care that can be easily accessed and used by those in care and by care-leavers. 

Pete can be contacted as follows:

Email: peter.williams@ucl.ac.uk