Helsinki: Disease-Specific Mortality

The INEQ-CITIES Project examined the geographical segregation of mortality in Helsinki by specific causes of death, separately for men and women.  For each cause of death, the Atlas provides two maps to display the smoothed Standardised Mortality Ratio(s) (sSMRs) and the Probability that the sSMR is Higher than 100.

Causes of death were established from registry data provided by Statistics Finland, according to the International Classification of Diseases, editions 9 - 10.  The following causes of death were selected for analysis if they occurred in at least 30 percent of small areas in Helsinki during the study period.  To view the disease-specific mortality maps in Helsinki, please visit the Atlas pages below.  Please click on any disease-specific map in the Atlas for a full-screen version.

Please note when interpreting the mortality maps of Helsinki it should be taken into account that maps of some causes of death (e.g. Alzheimer's disease, dementias, and to some extent drug related deaths) may reflect the location of long-term care establishments for elderly people and care and housing establishments for drug addicts and alcohol abusers.  For help in identifying the small areas on the maps, please download the area classification map from Statistics Helsinki (PDF).

Disease-Specific Mortality in Helsinki (A - Z):