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Research Passport and Letter of Access Procedure

Please check with your Principal Investigator that permission to conduct the research in the NHS organisation has been granted. The Research Passport does not remove the need to apply to the R&D department of the NHS organisation for permission or to apply for ethical review.


  1. Download the UCL version of the form, not the NHS RP Form.

  2. Read the Guidance.
  3. Complete:

    Section 1 – Details of the Researcher
    Section 2 – Details of the Research
    Section 3 – Declaration by Researcher
  4.  Ask your line manager (or other authorised person) to complete sections 4 and 5.2.
  5. Section 5 – Organisational checks

    Question 8 DBS disclosures:

    Staff:  Contact your HR Employment Contract Administrator. Researchers at the Institute of Child Health and the Institute of Neurology should use their local HR departments.

    Students: Take your Research Passport to the Student Centre for completion.  Please take your student card and DBS certificate with you.  Contact tracey.p.smith@ucl.ac.uk for further information.

    Question 8.1 Occupational Health Screening (needs to be signed by Occupational Health on completion of screening)

    You must complete the Occupational Health Screening Forms and contact ohsadmin@ucl.ac.uk, tel: 020 7679 2802, int. tel. 32802 for an appointment. Physical location: 4th floor, Health Centre Building, 3 Gower Place.

    Please note that you must only complete pages 1, 3 and 4, page 2 will be completed at your appointment. Please take any immunisation evidence requested on page 2 to your appointment.


    Managers must confirm a research passport is required by signing a Job Hazard form and send it directly to the Occupational Health Department. An appointment cannot be made until this form has been received.
  6. Attach the required documents to the form and complete Section 6.
  7. Take the completed Research Passport form with attachments to the R&D office of the NHS organisation where you will conduct most of your research.

Contacts for further information

  • For queries in relation the categorisation of a research project and the need for a research passport/letter of access please contact the Research Office of the lead Trust for your research. For queries in relation to research at UCLH and the Royal Free please contact the Administration Team at the Joint Research Office:

    Joint Research Office, 1st floor Maple House, Tottenham Court Road. 
    Email: jro.communications@uclh.nhs.uk  
    Tel: 020 3447 5557
  • For all queries in relation to the procedure for obtaining a research passport/honorary contract or general queries in relation to pre-engagement checks:

    Sarah Danzie 
    Head of Employment Policy and Governance
    Human Resources
    University College London
    Tel: 0203 108 8878 Ext: 58878

Once the form has been authorised by one NHS organisation it becomes a valid Research Passport that you can provide to other NHS organisations for the issue of honorary NHS contracts.

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Updated February 2018