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UCL Academic Careers Framework

Explanation of the UCL Academic Careers Framework.

The UCL Academic Careers Framework is designed to support every type of academic career path at UCL. Whether you deliver research and education in equal measure, specialise in public engagement or enterprise or focus on teaching and institutional citizenship, the framework makes sure that personal impact is measured consistently across UCL.

It is important to remember that, even if you are specialising in a specific area, no one would be expected to meet all the core and/or specialist criteria highlighted within, for example, the Education or Research domains. These are illustrative examples of activity that may be occurring and not a checklist. You are likely to be undertaking other activity, which may be equally valuable. Irrespective of the activity, the evidenced impact and reach of your work is the vital aspect and contribution will considered in the round. The core and specialist criteria examples are not exhaustive and no individual is expected to meet all of the criteria listed.

To help plan and support career development and recognise achievements, the UCL Academic Careers Framework is designed to be used in a number of ways by staff and managers. For instance, it can be used for:

  • building a case for promotion
  • assessing cases for promotion
  • preparing for appraisals
  • identifying skill gaps
  • discussing career trajectories
  • identifying development opportunities
  • designing new roles and drawing up job descriptions
  •  succession planning
  • considering cases for reward and recognition.

UCL Human Resources can advise on all the above and the UCL HR web pages set out more detailed guidance e.g. on academic promotions.