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Handbook & Code of Practice for Research Staff

Welcome to UCL and our community of world-leading researchers.

As a UCL researcher you will be a member of a vigorous research community enabling you to develop as an independent researcher, building networks within and beyond your primary discipline. You will be working in an environment that aspires to the highest standards of research integrity. It is important that all research staff have equal and full access to all UCL resources necessary for the successful completion of their work. UCL is committed to supporting and developing all our researchers, and to celebrating the diversity of our researcher community.

This Handbook aims to help you make the most of your time here at UCL for your research, for your personal and professional development to enhance your skills beyond those you attained in your PhD, and for your future. It is your guide to life at UCL as a member of Research Staff.

This Code of Practice aims to set out what you as a member of research staff can expect from your Principal Investigator, your department and from UCL, and what your PI and others in UCL can expect from you. It is important that you read this document carefully and keep it for reference. If you are a PI you should also read and keep it – and remind yourself periodically of its contents. The Code is designed to foster good practice within research project teams, including active support for the development of high-level research and transferable skills and proactive career management. It is intended that the Code form the basis for discussion between the PI and members of staff at the inception of the project and at regular periods throughout.