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Read Workplace Health's three working practices to help reduce work-related stress

4 April 2024

Here are Workplace Health's top three working practices for reducing work-related stress.

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Healthy ways of working

There is never a better time to revisit the importance of wellbeing in the workplace and the small things we can do to manage work-related stress.  

When juggling multiple priorities, finding time to reflect on how we work may feel challenging. However, taking steps to address stress in the early stages is key to prevent it from becoming unsustainable, from reaching out for support when we need it, to reflecting on our working ways.. 

Here are Workplace Health’s top three working practices to help mitigate stress:


1. Core hours

These differ between professional staff and academic staff, however, both have a right to disconnect from the working day outside of what is our respective core hours.

Starting and finishing on time is essential for ensuring we are taking an adequate break from work. There will be some circumstances where this is not possible, for example when emergency work needs to be discussed urgently, but it is recommended that all non-urgent meetings and day-to-day work is undertaken in core hours where possible.  

2. The UCL hour

In a hybrid working environment, it can often become easy to ‘pop a meeting in the diary.’

Aim to schedule meetings within the ‘UCL hour’ framework. Hour-long meetings should only be 50 minutes, and half-hour meetings should be 25 minutes. Outlook can do this for you automatically. These small breaks allow us all the chance to take a screen or comfort break, stretch, or grab a cup of tea! 

3. Annual Leave

It is important that you take appropriate rest time away from your role at UCL.

Planning for, recording and taking annual leave is essential to avoid overworking and burning out. The role of your manager is to support you and ensure that you take appropriate time away from work. Through Inside UCL you can book leave and record absences in a few clicks, without having to open MyHR.

You can find out more about improving our working ways on the 'Working Smarter by Protecting Time for Work' page here.

This Stress Awareness Month, Workplace Health will be holding the ‘Working Well’ Campaign (15-19 April) to highlight how we can all take steps to proactively address work-related stress, from reaching out for support when we need it, to reflecting on our working ways.

Join us for Five Days of Working Well (15-19 April) for Stress Awareness Month

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