UCL Human Resources


New dignity advisors

16 March 2021

A new cohort of dignity advisors from a variety of departments, has joined our growing network of support to staff and students who experience bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct.

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Dignity advisors are a first point of contact for staff and students who may be experiencing bullying, harassment, or sexual misconduct. Advisors are independent from UCL Human Resources and Student Services. They are trained to provide staff and students with a suite of options available to them – including informal and formal resolutions, and internal and external support.

Staff or students can approach a dignity advisor, either directly or through Report and Support, to understand the options available to them if they have experienced any form of bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct. More information on our current dignity advisors can be found on the UCL dignity advisors webpage.

Dignity advisors can offer confidentially, information on issues relating to UCL’s Prevention of harassment, bullying and sexual misconduct policy, listen non-judgementally, help you to clarify your thoughts about what is happening, and explore various informal and formal procedures as well as support-services that may be available. Dignity advisors, however, cannot act as an advocate or make decisions on whether bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct has taken place.  They also have a duty of care to escalate the matter if there is an immediate risk of harm to yourself or others.

Find out more about dignity advisors and support services on the Report and Support website.