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Online exercise classes

Exercise classes to help you stay motivated and connected with others.

Yoga mat

Recorded workouts

There is a number of pre-recorded workouts you can assess to complete in your own time.

Online exercise classes

Online workouts allow you to exercise with other people. This can help you stay motivated and connected with others.

  • Rachel Hall (contact rachel.hall@ucl.ac.uk)
    Yoga. Suggested drop in is £5 per class per household. Classes are free to those who have lost their jobs or can’t afford because of the current pandemic, and to key workers including NHS staff. 
    Friday 6pm - 7pm: Yin Yang and Meditation (60 mins).

  • Kelly Brooks Yoga
    Free live 10-minute yoga sessions Monday - Friday at 11.10am

  • Michelle Richardson (contact m.richardson@ucl.ac.uk)
    Online yoga by donation
    Thursdays 11.45am - 12.45pm

  • Pilates and yoga with Rosie 
    £5 for UCL employees 
    Monday 6pm - Chair Exercise & Balance
    Wednesday 6pm - Pilates
    Thursday 6pm - Yoga
    Friday 6pm - Pilates
    Saturday 10am - Yoga
    Sunday 10am - Pilates

  • YMCA central club    
    HIIT, cardio kick, supple strength (yoga+pilates)  Every day 8.00-8.30, 12.30-13.00, 18.00-18.30    
    Join via the YMCA club facebook page – just like the page and then you can join the live sessions. Also, all live sessions are recorded and can be watched in own time.  

  • Hannah Legg (UCL)    
    Yoga. Thursday, 13:00-13:45    

  • Jeff Phenix    
    Yoga    Monday 7.30 - 8.30am -open/mixed level
    Tuesday 7.30-8.45pm - open/mixed level
    Wednesday 12.30 - 1.30pm - suitable for beginners
    Thursday 7.30 - 8.45pm - suitable for beginners
    Saturday 10-11.15am - open/mixed level    
    Pay as you can – by donation