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Festival of Early Stage Researchers (FESR)

Connect. Appreciate. Celebrate.

The Festival of Early Stage Researchers (FESR) is our way to say thank you to the largest community of researchers in the UK. It is an annual week-long festival, recognising and celebrating the invaluable contribution from UCL’s early-stage research community.

Between Monday 31 January – Friday 4 February 2022, we held the festival to celebrate the invaluable contribution UCL’s early-stage research community has made to research and innovation. The week was structured around three key themes: connecting researchers, wellbeing and communicating your research.

We engaged with nearly 1,400 researchers across the week making it our most successful celebration yet. So, thank you, for making this festival one to remember!


Watch now! 

Did you miss the festival? Would you like to rewatch our events back to gain maximum value? We are excited to share with you the FESR 2022 playlist, where you can watch video recordings of almost all FESR events. These recordings will be available for 12 months, until the end of January 2023. Please note: 

  • To gain access to the recordings, you will be required to sign in via UCL single sign on (SSO)
  • Managing your career during uncertain times’ was not recorded and therefore won’t appear on the playlist
  • Only a transcript is available (not a video recording) of:
Monday 31 January
Date:Time:Event title:
31 January 202211:00 - 12:00Learning from failure: the missing ingredient to success
31 January 202213:00 - 14:00Managing your career during uncertain times
31 January 202215:00 - 16:00What can you learn from Nature Research editors in 20 minutes? 
Tuesday 1 February
Date:Time:Event title:
1 February 202210:00 - 11:00Why you should care about entrepreneurship
1 February 202211:30 - 12:30Applying for grants and fellowship 
1 February 202215:00 - 16:30Early-Career Network Researcher Spotlights (part 1)
1 February 202217:00 - 18:30Creative wellbeing: an interactive workshop
Wednesday 2 February
Date:Time:Event title:
2 February 202210:00 - 11:00Beyond the bubble: research impact & engagement
2 February 202213:00 - 14:00Sustainability in Science
2 February 202214:00 - 15:45Early-Career Network Researcher Spotlights (part 2)
Thursday 3 February
Date:Time:Event title:
3 February 202212:00 - 13:00Researcher Town Hall
3 February 202213:30 - 14:30Find the calm - Introduction to UCL Workplace Health + Yoga session
3 February 202215:00 - 16:00Global Exchange & Training for Brain Cancer Research
Friday 4 February
Date:Time:Event title:
4 February 202210:00 - 11:30The art of asking the right question: peer-coaching for researchers
4 February 202212:00 - 13:00Research leadership in action: open science and transparency
4 February 202213:00 - 14:30Voice of Global South ECRs in UCL
4 February 202213:30 - 15:00Turning Your Research into a Book 
4 February 202214:30 - 16:00Early Career Innovators: Highlighting translational research support and internal funding success stories

FESR 2023

If you wish to co-create this experience with us for 2023, please email our team at rx.general@ucl.ac.uk with the subject line ‘FESR contribution’. Please note: we approximately begin planning around 6 months prior.