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Smoking and tobacco use

We are here to help you quit smoking for good. As a member of UCL community, you have access to free smoking cessation kits and specialist support.

Why we still need to do something about smoking

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Smoking cessation support


UCL has teamed up with the Camden-based smoking cessation service, Breathe, to support UCL staff and students to stop smoking. Specialist advisors can support you online or via email, video, telephone or face-to-face. All contact is free, confidential and tailored to find what works best for you.

Support offered by Breathe

  • One-to-One behavioural support
  • Telephone Support
  • Online support/chat
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
  • Champix (Varenicline)

Levels of support

Self support

Self-support is offered to smokers who have an interest in giving up smoking but do not want professional help.  Clear, easy-to-access information and advice on how to quit is available on a dedicated website, social media and through printed materials.  Clients will be able to speak to advisors over the phone and online chat for further support.

Brief support

Service offers brief support to smoker who will want some support to give up smoking but who are unwilling or unable to commit to regular appointments. This support will be available through a network of specialist stop smoking advisors working in GPs, pharmacies and other community groups and organisations.  A minimum of two face-to-face sessions with a trained stop smoking advisor will be provided, but the frequency and intensity of the intervention will be tailored to individual needs.  Sessions will be available via telephone or online video chat. Smokers using this method will also be able to access the website for further support.

Specialist support

Breathe offers specialist support to smokers with multiple/complex needs and who are highly dependent on nicotine/cigarettes who can benefit from an intensive face to face intervention and behavioural support.  Smokers preferring this option should be willing to commit to a full programme of support for a minimum of 6 weekly sessions. They will also be able to access support materials used in Tier’s 1 and 2 such as the online chat facility and telephone support. Smokers will not be limited in the number of quit attempts they make via the tier 3 method and will receive regular contact from their adviser should they not attend an appointment.

Contact details

Tel: 020 3633 2609 or text QUIT to 66777

Email: info@breathestopsmoking.org


Other resources

Smoke Free app
Stop smoking

Smoke Free – The evidence-based smoking cessation app, developed at UCL, has been proven to double your chances of becoming - and staying - smoke free. It provides over 20 techniques, letting you monitor your cravings, access tips on dealing with them, see how much money you've saved, how many cigarettes you've not smoked, how much life you've regained and how your health is improving.