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Healthy Mind

Resources for a Healthy Mind support staff and post graduate research students to proactively manage their mental health. We provide and signpost to evidence-based resources backed by the NHS, Government and sector leading organisations. 
Find support

Find support

This page provides details of support available to you, if you need to talk to someone, including helplines, therapeutic services and contactable colleagues at UCL. 

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Advice and resources

Learn about mental health conditions, issues that can affect your mental health and the impact of these. Access practical recommendations and resources to help you proactively manage your mental health.

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Resources for managing work-related stress

Find internal and external resources to support you in managing stress. 

Find support

Supporting colleagues

Resources to help you to support others who may have ill mental health whilst taking care of yourself.  

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Apps to support your mental health and wellbeing

Discover evidence-based apps that can proactively support you to understand and monitor your mental health and wellbeing.