UCL Human Resources


Objective 1

Establish a whole-university approach to staff mental health and wellbeing.

Objective 1 is to establish a whole-university approach to staff mental health and wellbeing through creating safe healthy environments to work and learn. 

A whole-university approach to staff mental health and wellbeing led by the senior management team and supported by academic units and professional services departments, through getting involved and contributing to creating the wellbeing agenda locally. Encourage a sense of community and belonging. Recognise that staff wellbeing and student’s wellbeing are connected, build on connections to support mental health and wellbeing across the UCL community. Providing a safe physical, psychological and cultural environment that enables and actively promotes health and wellbeing.


a)    Launch a Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Steering Group, reportable annually to Human Resources Policy Committee (HRPC) chaired by Provost

b)    Provide development opportunities to people leaders to equip them with tools and skills to best support their own and their team’s mental health and wellbeing 

c)    Workplace Health to deliver a robust and clinically sound management referral casework service which is evidence based, with rigorous audit and clear governance structures in place 

d)    Workplace Health to deliver timely and evidence-based Health Surveillance and Health Protection programmes in line with COSHH

e)    Deliver and maintain the Covid-19 Individual Health Assessment tool for managers enabling them to support a safe return of their people

f)    Lead on the UCL COVID Case Management of onsite cases including leading a team and reviewing data

g)    Complete the submission for the Healthy London Workplace Award at commitment level

h)    Working with CAM, raise awareness of the networks, benefits, supports and development opportunities available at UCL

i)    Provide an annual performance report to share information on staff mental health and wellbeing to the HRPC and HSC; and via the Annual Lead Officer on Student Welfare to the Student Experience Committee and Academic Committee 

Measuring Success:

  1. Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan Steering Group launched and active with SMT and academic membership
  2. Managers engaging with development opportunities around mental health and wellbeing through partnership with OD
  3. Positive feedback from clients accessing Workplace Health occupational health services
  4. Awarded the London Healthy Workplace Commitment standard
  5. Have a robust case management service for those in the UCL community who test positive with COVID-19.