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Buddy scheme - Events Management CoP

Valeria Farruggia and Emma Hughes tell us about the Events Management Community of Practice (CoP) buddy scheme they launched in 2020-21.

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25 January 2023

What is the project?  

 The Events buddy scheme 2020-21 was co-led by former CoP lead Valeria Farruggia and current lead Emma Hughes. The scheme provided support to staff who organise events as part of their role at UCL by allowing them to share experiences and ideas, offer advice and work through challenging situations together.  

We recruited members from all professional services and we buddied colleagues up based on the type of events they were organising for their jobs. We ensured they were matched across different departments and faculties, so they could share a wealth of different experiences and perspectives. 

What impact did the project have on the practice area?  

Due to the pandemic, the scheme was run fully online for 2020-21. During such uncertain times, the scheme was pivotal in supporting our members to navigate a new way of delivering events during the transition from in person to online. It really helped us to connect, strengthening our sense of community while working remotely. 

How did the scheme impact the CoP?

Based on the feedback we received from our members, the scheme generated very positive impact on the community including: a support network during the pandemic; the exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking; the opportunity for members to expand their network; professional development opportunities; and, as a result of all this, increased job satisfaction. 

We are also running the scheme for the 2022-23 academic year.

How have the project leads benefitted?

The experience of leading the scheme was pivotal for the Co-Leads’ career development. They developed skills in project management, leadership skills and gaining buy-in from senior management. The Leads had the unique opportunity to interact and network with colleagues across the whole university, gaining a deeper understanding of UCL events.

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