Human Evolution @ UCL




optional postgraduate courses

Postgraduate courses that cover more specialist topics relevant to Human Evolution.

Title Code Tutor/Coordinator
Ecology of Human Groups ANTHGE02 Prof Katherine Homewood
Introduction to Statistics ANTHGE07 Dr Lucio Vinicius
Anthropological and Archaeological Genetics ANTHGH07 Dr Andrea Migliano
Primate Socioecology ANTHGH15 Prof Volker Sommer
Advanced Palaeoanthropology ANTHGH16 Dr Anna Barros
Anthropological Methods  ANTHMETH   
Archaeological computing and statistics  ARCLG021   
Geographic Information Systems and Archaeology 1  ARCLG090 Andrew Bevan
Geoarchaeology; methods and concepts 1 ARCLG104 Manuel Arroyo-Kalin
Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials  ARCLG107 Marcos Martinón-Torres
Spatial Analysis in Archaeology  ARCLG117 Andrew Bevan
Research skills for Spatial Analysis  ARCLG118 Mark Lake
Fundamentals of Molecular Biology
Dr Daniel Pearce
Advanced Human Genetics 2: Genetics in Context  BIOLG011 Dr Oliver Davis
Molecular Evolution BIOLG010/M010 Prof Ziheng Yang
Sex, Genes and Evolution BIOLG012/M012 Prof A Pomiankowski
Analytical tools in Biodiversity, Evolutionary & Conservation research  BIOSG008 Prof Francois Balloux
Dental Anthropology  ARCLG145 Simon Hillson
Methodology and issues in bioarchaeology and palaeoepidemiology  ARCLG146 Tony Waldron
Cultural Environments  ARCLG180   
Near East from later Prehistory to the end of the Iron Age  ARCLG189   
Mediterranean Prehistory  ARCLG205 Borja Legarra Herrero
Remote sensing in Archaeology  ARCLG207 Kris Lockyear
British and European Prehistory - Neolithic to Iron Age  ARCLG218 Mike Parker Pearson
Near Eastern Material Cultures I: Neolithic and Early Bronze Age ARCLG269 Karen Wright
Geographical Information Systems in Archaeology 2  ARCLG91   
Conservation and Environmental Management  GEOGG069 Dr Samuel RandallsDr Jan Axmacher and Dr Peter Jones
Analytical and Numerical Methods  GEOGG121 Dr. M. Disney
Principles of Spatial Analysis  GEOGG125 Paul LongleyQingling Wu
Climate Modeling  GEOGG134 Chris Brierley
Geodemographics and Population Geography GEOGG153 Qingling Wu