Jessica Clarke

Jessica’s research examines the relationship between theatre and political culture in the late Roman Republic and early Imperial period. Taking a new approach to the well-studied literary sources on this topic, Jessica’s research explores the visual record, aiming to re-evaluate the role of theatre within Roman socio-political culture.

Jessica is also the project administrator and research support for the ERC project Fragments of the Roman Republican Antiquarians (FRRAnt), which is based in the UCL history department. She has previously worked on multiple research projects associated with the British Museum, including two recent exhibitions. She has also written for popular history publications, including the Ancient History magazine.


Supervisor: Valentina Arena
Secondary Supervisor: Corinna Riva
Working title: ‘The politics of entertainment: Roman theatre in the late Republic' 
Expected completion date: 2023


  • The Roman Republic c. 350 BCE – 44 BCE
  • Making History

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