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Online event recordings

Here are some highlights from previous digital events we've hosted.

Autumn 2020

IHE colloquium with Dr Helen Meese: 'Gearing Up to Spin Out'

90% of business start-ups fail in the first 5 years because they make mistakes they could have prevented.

Turning your research or design idea into a fully-fledged business is an exciting prospect. Yet it can be a stressful time; juggling funding applications, pitching to investors and preparing for trialling.

Dr Helen Meese, The Care Machine Ltd CEO knows how hard it is, not just to imagine an idea, but to design it, develop it and turn it into something amazing and she is on a mission to support entrepreneurs in the Medical Technology, Healthcare and associated sectors to scale-up their ideas and create a resilient business with compelling products that will change people's lives.

Helen will share her thoughts and guiding principles to successfully spin-out your ideas, some of the common pitfalls faced in this transition period and how you can learn from your experiences.

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/6FcpMrYdQ_4

Autumn Research Symposium

Our annual Research Symposium is the highlight of our events calendar! Each year, we bring together the best and brightest of UCL's digital health and healthcare engineering community to share the latest research and spark new connections.

This year, our symposium took place on Zoom and was hosted by Dr Oz Ismail, a science communicator, comedian and podcast.

Here are some snippets from the day.

Joint webinar series with Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

In September, leading researchers from UCL and IIT-D shared their research with viewers from across the world, with the aim of sparking future collaboration opportunities.

Over four sessions, we heard a wide range of presentations – from biodegradable face masks through to refreshable tactile drawing for people with low vision.

The digital format meant we were able to bring colleagues together in the same space without international airfares!