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500 UCL Ventura CPAP devices manufactured for use in Pakistan

5 October 2020

The Alsons Group in Pakistan have successfully gained in-country regulatory approval for their version of the UCL Ventura CPAP device and have manufactured over 500 devices for use in hospitals.

CPAP in Pakistan

The Alsons Group in Pakistan has used the designs and manufacturing instructions released at no cost by the UCL Ventura team to manufacture their own CPAP devices. 

Their device has been given regulatory approval by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan. The team have been working closely with the Pakistan Engineering Council and the Ministry of Science and Technology, who have been supporting them through the device's development, and are also in close contact with our teams in the UK at UCL. 

The company are now working to supply these devices to hospitals and medical centres across Pakistan where the need is greatest and in preparation for a potential second wave of infections. So far they have manufactured 500 devices, with plans to increase to a monthly capacity of up to 2,000 devices. The team are also developing other technologies to support the use of the Ventura, such as an external monitoring device. 

I want to thank the fantastic team at UCL for providing us with the technical knowledge and support throughout this period. Manufacturing medical devices and accessories is a completely new (and exciting!) field for us, and it is thanks to you that we have made such a big breakthrough in this. We hope we can contribute positively to the health and well-being of our fellow humans through this new sector we are entering.”
Akbar Allana, Director of Alsons Group

The team have been also been greatly helped by financing from the Karandaaz partnership with Meezan Bank and support from the British High Commission in Pakistan. More can be found out about this partnership here. Find out more about the Alsons Group on their website here or follow their Twitter here