UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering


Manish Tiwari promoted to Professor of Nanoengineering

31 July 2018

We are delighted to announce that Dr Manish Tiwari has been promoted to Professor of Nanoengineering.


Manish’s team of researchers are leading developments in the field of nanotechnology. His research cuts across many different disciplines but the potential biomedical applications are vast. 

Advances in nanotechnology are helping to create a new generation of surgical instruments with unprecedented capabilities. Manish and his team are developing 3D nanostructures, including flexible healthcare sensors and ultrasonic and photoacoustic probes, which allow surgeons to work with ever-increasing micro-precision. Manish is also investigating nanofluidics in relation to capillary flows and developing a series of new materials which will equip surgical tools with smart-capabilities, such as the ability to self-clean. 


Professor Manish Tiwari is based in the UCL Department of Mechanical Engineering and works within WEISS and the Institute of Healthcare Engineering. He received his PhD in 2009 from the University of Illinois, before spending two years as a Group Leader at ETH Zurich. Manish joined UCL in 2013 and throughout his time here, has developed innovations at the frontier of nanotechnology and healthcare engineering. We look forward to witnessing Manish’s future success in this area.