The Hazlitt Society


Day School and Annual Lecture

Upcoming Events:

21st Annual Day School and Open Lecture, 2023

This event will take place on Saturday 16th September 2023 at University College London

Location for all sessions including lecture: IAS Common Ground, South Wing, UCL.


9.30-10am Arrival and Registration

10-11.15am Matthew Ward, 'Hazlitt and the Humorous Imagination'

11.15-11.45am Coffee

11.45am-1.15pm Natasha Bharucha, ''The fashionable belle': critiquing fashion and fashionable critique in William Hazlitt and La Belle Assemblée'

Uttara Natarajan, 'Styling the Other: Hazlitt and the Indian Jugglers'.  

1.15-2.15pm Lunch

2.15-3.45pm Matthew Scott, 'Hazlitt and Titian'

Marcus Tomalin, 'Hazlit and the Practicalities of Painting'

3.45pm Coffee

4pm Hazlitt Society Annual Lecture: Vidyan Ravinthiran, 'Hazlitt (with Ramunujan) and Opinion' 


Past Events:

20th Annual Day School and Open Lecture

This took place on Saturday 17th September 2022 at UCL, and was a bicentennary celebration of The Liberal in collaboration with The Byron Society.

Speakers and papers:

  • The Liberal: an introduction to the journal (David Woodhouse) 
  • Liberal: an introduction to the keyword (John Gardner) 
  • Don Juan and The Liberal (Jane Stabler) 
  • ‘On the Spirit of Monarchy’ (Ian Haywood) 
  • Panel session on transnational liberalism in the early 1820s (chaired by Roderick Beaton and featuring Lilla Maria Crisafulli, Maria Schoina and Will Bowers) 
  • A Liberal’s Vision of Judgment? (Bernard Beatty)  
  • The Shelleys and The Liberal (James Grande) 
  • Guiseppe Molini, Leigh Hunt and The Liberal (Tim Webb)
  • ‘My First Acquaintance with Poets’ (Jon Cook) 
  • ANNUAL LECTURE: ‘Preposterous Liberalism and The Liberal’ (Richard Cronin)  

19th Annual Day School and Open Lecture

This took place on Saturday 18th September 2021 at UCL.

Speakers and papers:

  • Editing Hazlitt Roundtable (James Grande and Jon Mee in conversation with Gregory Dart)
  • Anna Mercer, ‘Romantic interaction in London: Hazlitt, Keats and the Shelleys’ 
  • Robert-Louis Abrahamson, 'R. L. Stevenson and the Abandoned Biography of Hazlitt’ 
  • Hannah Tran, ‘Habits of Thought in the Familiar Essays’ 
  • James Wakefield, '‘On Whether William Hazlitt was a Philosophical Idealist (and Why it Matters)’ 
  • ANNUAL LECTURE: Freya Johnston, 'Hazlitt and Prejudice'

There was no Day School or Lecture in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

18th Annual Day School and Open Lecture

This took place on Saturday 14th September 2019 at UCL.

Speakers and papers:

  • John Gardner, 'Hazlitt's Political Essays and Waterloo'
  • Christopher Butcher, 'Hazlitt and Thomas Noon Talfourd'
  • Maike Orgel, 'Incorrigible Jacobins: Hazlitt's Engagement with German literature'
  • Mary Fairclough, 'Hazlitt and the Dissenting Art of Reading'
  • Emily Rohrbach, 'Forms of Beauty and Old Books: Wordsworth and Hazlitt on the Time of Reading'
  • Uttara Natarajan, Hazlittean Reading 
  • ANNUAL LECTURE: Alan Rusbridger, 'Hazlitt, Peterloo and The Guardian'

17th Annual Day School and Open Lecture

This took place on Saturday 22nd September 2018 at UCL. The theme was 'Hazlitt and his Circle'.

Speakers and papers:

  • David Woodhouse, 'Hazlitt and Byron: hereditary prejudices and Liberal solidarity'
  • Mario Aquilana, 'Hazlitt's Lover's Discourse: Reading Liber Amoris through Barthes'
  • Hannah Tran, 'Women and the Cockney School'
  • Michael Steier, 'Speaking Disagreeable Truths': Hazlitt and Hunt in Conversation
  • Uttara Natarajan and Gregory Dart, Hazlittean Reading 
  • ANNUAL LECTURE: Felicity James, 'Hazlitt and Lamb: Spirits of the Age'

16th Annual Day School and Open Lecture

This took place on Saturday 23rd September 2017 at UCL. The theme was 'Hazlitt and Life-Writing'. 

Speakers and papers

  • John Whale, 'Answering for Myself: Hazlitt and Identity' 
  • James Whitehead, 'Hazlitt's Brief Lives' 
  • Cristina Consiglio, 'Hazlitt's Journey to Italy' 
  • Jon Cook, 'Sitting on Hazlitt's Knee' 
  • Uttara Natarajan and Gregory Dart, Hazlittean Reading 
  • ANNUAL LECTURE: Jonathan Bate, 'Hazlitt and Wordsworth' 

15th Annual Day School and Open Lecture

This took place on Saturday 17th September 2016 at UCL. The theme was 'Hazlitt and the Mind'. 

Speakers and papers

  • Gregory Dart, 'Lamb, Hazlitt and Hogarth'
  • Tim Milnes, 'Hazlitt, Empiricism and the Periodical Essay'
  • Philipp Hunnekuhl, 'Thelwall the orator and Hazlitt the thinker'
  • James Whitehead, 'Hazlitt and the mind of the poet'
  • Heather Stone, 'Hazlitt in Conversation'
  • ANNUAL LECTURE: Jon Cook, 'Hazlitt and Resistance' 

14th Annual Day School and Open Lecture 

This took place on Saturday 10th October 2015 at UCL. The theme was 'Hazlitt and Journalism'. 

Speakers and papers:

  • Ian Haywood (Roehampton) 'Hazlitt and Monarchy'
  • David Higgins (Leeds) 'Hazlitt and Englishness'
  • Ruth Livesey (Royal Holloway) 'William Haziltt and the Mail-Coach Nation'
  • Lucasta Miller, ' Liber Amoris, The Literary Gazette and L.E.L.' 
  • Hazlittean Reading: Gregory Dart and Uttara Natarajan: from 'On the Periodical Press' and 'On the Aristocracy of Letters'. 
  • ANNUAL LECTURE: Kevin Gilmartin, 'Hazlitt's Political Hatred'.

13th Annual Day School and Open Lecture 

This took place on Saturday 20th September 2014 at UCL. The theme was 'Hazlitt and Art'. 

Speakers and papers:

  • Eleanor Relle (Maidstone Art Gallery) 'Was Peggy Hazlitt Right?: The Hazlitt Collection at the Maidstone Art Gallery'
  • Luisa Cale (Birkbeck College) 'Hazlitt and the Aesthetics of the London Magazine'
  • Daniel Lago Monteiro (University of Sao Paolo), 'The Puddles of the Road: Pilgrimages of the Artist as a Young Man'
  • Lisa Milroy (Slade School of Fine Art, UCL) 'On the Pleasure of Painting'
  • Hazlittean Reading: Gregory Dart and Uttara Natarajan: Conversation Eighteen from the Conversations of Northcote (1830)
  • ANNUAL LECTURE: Martin Postle (Yale Centre for British Art in London), 'Boswell Redivivus: Northcote, Hazlitt and the British School'

12th Annual Day School and Open Lecture 

This event took place on Saturday 14th of September 2013 at University College London. The theme of the Day School was 'Hazlitt and Theatre'. 

Speakers and papers:

  • Tom Lockwood 'Reading and Performance in Hazlitt's Lectures on the Age of Elizabeth'
  • Claire Sheridan, 'Hazlitt, Francis Place and the Last Man'
  • Plenary: John Stokes, 'Embodying Shadows: Wilde and Hazlitt as theatrical critics', introduced by James Whitehead. 
  • Marcus Risdell, 'Charles Mathews's Gallery of Theatrical Portraits'
  • ANNUAL LECTURE: Peter Thomson, 'Hazlitt and Edmund Kean', introduced by Philipp Hunnekuhl.  

11th Hazlitt Day School 

"I like the country very well if I want to enjoy my own company; but London is the only place for equal society, or where a man can say a good thing or express an honest opinion without subjecting himself to being insulted."

After a year's hiatus, the eleventh Hazlitt Day School, organized by Gregory Dart and Uttara Natarajan, returned at a new and very Hazlittean venue, University College, London, on the 9th June 2012. (The event was held in earlier years at St Catherine's College, Oxford.)

  • Welcome by Gregory Dart & Uttara Natarajan
  • Fiona Robertson (Birmingham City University), 'On Depth and Superficiality'
  • David Stewart  (Northumbria University), 'Hazlitt, Print and Ephemerality'
  • John Strachan (Northumbria University), 'Hazlitt, Reynolds and the Rhetoric of Violence'
  • James Grande (King's College London) 'Dissenting Legacies: Hazlitt and Godwin after 1828'
  • Philipp Hunnekuhl (Queen Mary, University of London), 'The "good hater" and a "Hazlitt-Hater"?; Hazlitt, Crabb Robinson, and the Truth of Sentiment'
  • Marcus Tomalin (Downing College, Cambridge), 'Hazlittean Horology'