The Hazlitt Society


Annual Lecturers

The Hazlitt Society Lecture 2005-2023

  • VIDYAN RAVINTHIRAN, 'Hazlitt (with Ramunujan) and Opinion', IAS Common Ground, UCL, 16 September 2023 
  • RICHARD CRONIN, 'Preposterous Liberalism and The Liberal', Gustave Tuck Theatre, UCL, 17 September 2022
  • FREYA JOHNSTON, 'Hazlitt and Prejudice', Gustave Tuck Theatre, UCL, 18 September 2021
  • There was no Hazlitt lecture in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • ALAN RUSBRIDGER, 'Hazlitt, Peterloo and the Guardian', Gustave Tuck Theatre, UCL, 14 September 2019
  • FELICITY JAMES, 'Hazlitt and Lamb: Spirits of the Age', Chadwick Theatre, UCL, 22 September 2018
  • JONATHAN BATE, 'Hazlitt and Wordsworth', Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, UCL, 23 September 2017 
  • JON COOK 'Hazlitt and Resistance', Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, UCL, 17 September 2016
  • KEVIN GILMARTIN 'Hazlitt's Political Hatred', Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, UCL, 10 October 2015
  • MARTIN POSTLE 'Boswell Redivivus: Hazlitt, Northcote and the British School', Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, UCL, 20 September 2014
  • PETER THOMSON 'Hazlitt and Edmund Kean', Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, UCL, 14 September 2013
  • TERRY EAGLETON, 'On William Hazlitt', Conway Hall, 15 September 2012.
  • PAUL HAMILTON, 'Hazlitt's Political Essays', and TARIQ ALI, 'Is Capitalism a Threat to Democracy?, Conway Hall, 17 September 2011.
  • TONY BENN, 'What We Owe Hazlitt', Conway Hall, 11 September 2010.
  • PAUL JOHNSON, 'Hazlitt, Sarah and Napoleon: A Case of Sexual and Political Obsession', Conway Hall, 19 September 2009.
  • TOM PAULIN, 'Hazlitt and Dickens', Conway Hall, Saturday 20 September 2008.
  • DAVID BROMWICH, 'Hazlitt on Shakespeare', Conway Hall, 15 September 2007.
  • DUNCAN WU, 'Hazlitt versus Coleridge', Conway Hall, 9 September 2006. 
  • A. C. GRAYLING, 'Hazlitt: the Independent Mind', Conway Hall, Saturday 17 September 2005.