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Procurement and Purchasing

buying recycled products

The products and services we buy have impacts in their manufacture, use and disposal. Whether it's buying products that use recycled materials, that use less energy in their use, that conform to standards like Fairtrade, or are designed to reuse at end of life; buying better products gives us the opportunity to reduce waste, save energy and conserve resources.  

The three key things you can do to make your procurement and purchasing more sustainable are:

  1. Find out how procurement works at UCL
  2. Find out about sustainable procurement
  3. Get training and tips to help you procure more sustainably


Tools and Resources


Eco-labels can help you choose the most environmentally and socially responsible products. See our list of the most common Eco-labels which you should look out for when buying products.

Sustainability Requirements for suppliers

Find out the sustainability responsibilities that suppliers are required and/or obliged to fulfill here.

Procurement Training

UCL's Procurement and Sustainability team are happy to offer a number of relevant training courses to individuals or small groups on a range of procurement related topics. If you want to learn more, please email procurement@ucl.ac.uk to discuss your needs.

Alternatively WRAP provide a variety of different e-learning modules around different areas of purchasing and procurement. You can login for free here.

Purchasing and Procurement Guides