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UCL Research Cited in Call for Second Brexit Vote

15 April 2019

A Brexit research project that was supported by Grand Challenge of Cultural Understanding has been cited by Owen Smith, the Labour MP for Pontypridd, to help make the case for a people's vote.

UCL UK Voter Brexit Survey

Owen Smith, the Labour MP for Pontypridd, has used the results of UCL Brexit research to make his case that Labour should support a second vote. 

Mr Smith cites the survey's findings in an opinion piece in The Guardian to argue that Labour is in danger of losing votes to parties that are more clearly pro-European at the next general election. 

The survey of over 5,000 people found that on average, across the UK, about two-thirds of Labour voters voted remain in the EU in the 2016 referendum. It also reveals that two thirds of Labour voters now want to Remain in the EU with an additional 12% favouring a Softer Brexit. There is a marked difference between the preferred oucomes for Conservative and Labour voters: 44% of Conservative voters favour a 'no deal' exit, opposed to only 15% of Labour voters.

You can visit the UCL Brexit Blog to find out more about the research that was carried out by Christina Pagel (UCL Mathematics) and data analyst Christabel Cooper in collaboration with Uta Staiger of the UCL European Institute.