UCL Grand Challenges


Priority & Mega Themes

    Each Grand Challenge has its own set of Priority Themes. There are also 'Mega-Themes' which span all of the Grand Challenges, these are led by a specific Grand Challenge but take contributions from all six Grand Challenges.

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    Priority Themes

    Global Health

    • Infectious Disease
      (inc. Antimicrobial Resistance)
    • Non-Communicable Diseases
    • Mental Health
    • Migration & Health
    • Health Systems
    • Sustainable Development Goals
      (cross-cutting theme)

    Sustainable Cities

    • Future Cities
    • Rethinking Housing
    • Resourcing Cities
    • Transformative Cities
    • Urban Mobility

    Human Wellbeing

    • Achieving Wellbeing & Happiness
    • Adolescent Lives
    • Adolescent Wellbeing
    • Demographic Change
    • Disability
    • Environment

    Cultural Understanding

    • Brexit
    • Cultural Engagement & Health
    • Growing up Multicultural
    • Immigration
    • Dynamics of Globalisation

    Justice & Equality

    • Access & Participation
    • Cultural Heritage & Diversity
    • Environmental Justice
    • Exclusion & Displacement
    • Structural & Relational Inequality

    Transformative Technology

    • Bigger Data, Better Data
    • Disability Innovation
    • Nature-Inspired Engineering
    • Responsible Innovation

    Mega Themes

    The pan-Grand Challenges Mega-Themes are: 

    For 2018-19 we are prioritising one mega-theme for special attention across the GC programme: Migration & Displacement. This will be the subject of a special strategic call for proposals, to be announced in late April/early May 2018 (similar to the 2017-18 focus on Adolescent Lives).

    Notes for 2018-19 Small Grants Applicants

    • We particularly welcome small grant proposals that address one of the Grand Challenges Priority Themes
    • Small grant applicants are also welcome to make Migration & Displacement, or any of the highlighted pan-GC mega-themes the focus of their application

    Deadline for Small Grants Applications

    9am Tuesday, 29th May 2018