UCL Grand Challenges


Special Initiatives - 2021/22

SDGs: Pathways to Achievement

Leaving No One Behind, Whatever Language they Speak: The Language Data Initiative (£9900.15)
Professor Federico M. Federici (Centre for Translation Studies, CMII, SELCS) and Mr Jason Symons (CLEAR Global)

Unravelling the socio-economic inequalities in grassroot physical activity in England (£5500)
Dr Francesco Salustri (Institute for Global Health) and Dr Paolo Candio (University of Birmingham)

Advancing and sustaining progress towards UN SDGs in African drylands – crossing disciplinary and international boundaries (£9842)
Professor Richard Taylor (Geography) and Dr Mohammad Shamsudduha (IRDR)

Digging for SDGs: Laying Foundations for Sustainability in the Higher Education Sector (£9568.4)
Professor Jane Holder (Laws) and Mr John Dubber (UCL Students' Union)

Promoting healthcare innovation with a “Dragon’s Den”-style competition through a virtual innovation platform (£4975.54)
Professor Mark Miodownik (Mechanical Engineering) and Dr Ana Rita Pinho (Mechanical Engineering )

Place: Equality & Prosperity

Urban Prosperity: towards new concepts, methods, and pathways to impact for place-based flourishing in cities (£9607)
Dr Hanna Baumann (Institute for Global Prosperity) and Dr Emmanuel Osuteye (Development Planning Unit)

Connecting Digital Inequalities and Rural Poverty: The Case of Somaliland (£10000)
Dr Amina-Bahja Ekman (Development Planning Unit) and Dr Giorgio Talocci (Development Planning Unit)

Who is lonely where? Co-producing a systematic review on place-based factors and loneliness (£8600)
Professor Helene Joffe (Psychology & Language Sciences) and Dr Gemma Moore (Institute of Environmental Design and Engineering)

Re-Weaving the City (£5000)
Matthew Smith (History) and Matthew Stallard (History)

Intergenerational Dynamics

The ties that bind: Mapping the intergenerational mental health consequences of the Windrush Scandal and hostile immigration policies within Black African and Caribbean families in the UK (£10000)
Dr Rochelle Burgess (Institute for Global Health) and Professor Patrick Vernon, (Centre for Ageing Better)

Intergenerational perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of growing up in coastal towns (£9837)
Professor Claire Cameron (UCL Social Research Institute) and Ms Nicola Hutchinson-Pascal (UCL Culture)

Climate Emergency

Case study research exploring the variation of secondary schools' engagement with climate change and sustainability education in England (£10000)
Professor Nicola Walshe (Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment) and Dr Kris de Meyer (King's College)

COPS: A COmPlex Systems approach to peri-urban development for climate resilience and just futures in the Global South (£9967)
Dr Lakshmi Rajendran (The Bartlett School of Architecture) and Dr Raul Leal (UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics)

UCL Team Glasgow - post COP26 moving towards COP27 with a low carbon footprint (£10000)
Dr Priti Parikh (The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction) and Professor Mark Maslin (Geography)

A global economy that works for people and the planet – how do we get there? (£4842.71)
Dr Tom Pegram (Political Science) and Dr Nick Hughes (Bartlett School Environment, Energy & Resources)

Energy Communities Podcast (£5000)
Hannah Knox (Anthropology) and Britt Jurgensen (Carbon Coop)

Climate change and adverse pregnancy outcomes: a data-driven global-scale investigation (GESTATION) (£19345.73)
Dr Mohammad Shamsudduha (Insitute for Risk and Disaster Reduction) and Dr Anwar Musah (Geography)