UCL Grand Challenges


A Micro-sensor for Physical Frailty Evaluation

This GCTT collaboration combines Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences with Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering to assess a new generation of cloud enabled motion sensors

Lady with a walking stick

1 September 2021


Grant: Grand Challenges Small Grants
Year awarded: 2021-22
Amount awarded: £5,000


  • Darren Player, Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences 
  • Terence Leung, Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

Assessment of the Reliability and Validity of a Micro-Sensor for Physical Frailty Evaluation will assess a new generation of AI-embedded sensors with the capability of cloud processing. These battery powered, coin-size sensors (3-axis accelerometers/gyropscopes) will be used to measure motion signals during the “sit-to-stand” frailty and mobilty tests. The team are working with STMicroelectronics to further explore the utlility of a sensor board, which allows motion signals to be uploaded to the cloud and analysed results to be shared. If deemed suitably reliable and valid, this investigation will lead to further clinical studies and applications with significant impact.

Outputs and Impacts

  • Awaiting outputs and impacts