UCL Grand Challenges


Medical Heritage, Green Infrastructure and Community Wellbeing

The project aims to explore how the ruins of a medieval leper hospital chapel could be collaboratively transformed into a site promoting community health and wellbeing.

Image of remains of St Giles hospital, showing people reading information boards

1 September 2021


Grant: Grand Challenges Small Grants
Year awarded: 2021-22
Amount awarded: £5,000


  • Johanna Dale, History
  • Carla Washbourne, Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy
  • Antonio Sennis, History

The pilot site in Maldon, Essex, comprises the ruins of a medieval leper hospital chapel (St Giles) set within a generous green space. It is currently closed to the public due to recurrent issues with graffiti and anti-social behaviour. The team will work with community groups and the local council to rehabilitate a problematic piece of green infrastructure/heritage space as a microstudy for the potential of small green spaces/heritage sites to act as holistic health and wellbeing spaces.

Through this project, Drs Dale and Washbourne aim to explore how we could begin to collaboratively transform the site from a drain on local government resources to a community asset by engaging with the stories, spaces and practices of medical heritage and using opportunities for being active in green space to further promote community health and wellbeing.

Outputs and Impacts

  • Awaiting outputs and impacts.