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New strategic academic advisors appointed to help shape UCL’s global engagement

2 February 2023

UCL Global Engagement has announced key appointments to new senior academic advisory roles to help strengthen UCL’s commitment to global impact through international collaboration and partnership.

Professor David Coen, Dr Uta Staiger, Professor Monica Lakhanpaul and Dr Katharine Carruthers

Professor David Coen has been announced as UCL’s Pro-Vice-Provost (Global Engagement - PVP GE). David has been the Vice-Dean International for Social & Historical Sciences for a number of years, is a Professor of Public Policy at the Department of Political Science, and founding Director of the Global Governance Institute. 

David will work directly with Global Engagement (GE) one day per week, with a particular focus on providing academic leadership that ensures GE effectively coordinates and coheres strategic input from UCL’s academic networks of Vice-Deans (International) and Global Strategic Academic Advisors.

The role will also help to bring UCL’s Faculties much closer into the day-to-day business and strategic direction of UCL’s global engagement activity.

In addition to David’s appointment, three of four Global Strategic Academic Advisors (GSAAs) are taking up new positions this month. 

The GSAAs are Dr Uta Staiger for Europe; Professor Monica Lakhanpaul for India; and Director Katharine Carruthers for China. GE will be recruiting to a GSAA (Africa) position over the coming months.

These post holders will work closely with GE, the PVP GE and the Vice-Provost (Research, Innovation and Global Engagement), Professor Geraint Rees, to help shape UCL’s strategic planning in the corresponding regions and countries. These new roles replace the previous regional Pro-Vice-Provost positions.

Of his appointment, David said: “It's a privilege to join the Global Engagement team and to work with Geraint and our world-renowned scholars. I look forward to helping to facilitate global alliances and to increasing UCL’s international profile and reputation.”

Professor Geraint Rees, Vice-Provost (Research, Innovation & Global Engagement) added: “I would like to welcome our new Pro-Vice-Provost (Global Engagement) and our incoming Global Strategic Academic Advisors to their roles. I am, along with colleagues in Global Engagement, excited by the opportunities to work closely together along with our Vice-Deans (International) to shape UCL’s strategic approach to global engagement over the coming years.

“I would also like to sincerely thank all of the outgoing regional Pro-Vice-Provosts for their superb work furthering UCL’s activity around the world over the past few years. I am delighted some of these will stay on for this next phase of strengthening UCL’s global engagement.”