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New Pro-Vice-Provost (Europe) announced

14 June 2017

Dr Uta Staiger (Executive Director, UCL European Institute) has been appointed as UCL’s new Pro-Vice-Provost for Europe.

Dr Uta Staiger - UCL Global Engagement Office

Dr Uta Staiger (Executive Director, UCL European Institute) has been appointed as UCL’s new Pro-Vice-Provost for Europe following a competitive recruitment process.

Uta will follow the tenure of outgoing Pro-Vice-Provost (Europe) Professor Jan Kubik, who is returning to Rutgers University in the autumn.

Uta and Jan will have an extended handover period until September 2017, to ensure continuity and maximise opportunities.

UCL’s network of seven Pro-Vice-Provosts (Regional) work with the Vice-Provost, Pro-Vice-Provosts and Vice-Deans (International) and colleagues across the university to bring the Global Engagement Strategy to life.

As co-founder of UCL’s European Institute, Uta has led its mission to both create and curate opportunities for research on Europe, within and beyond UCL.

In close consultation with the Institute’s Academic Director, currently Professor Piet Eeckhout (UCL Laws), Uta designs and oversees its events programme, publications, research and public engagement.

She has been actively involved in driving UCL’s policy engagement on EU and European matters, including recently contributing to UCL’s research-based response to Brexit.

In 2016 the European Institute was designated a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence by the European Commission, in recognition of its reputation as a facilitator of high-quality research and information on the European Union.

Uta’s research interests are in mid-20th-century European thought seeking to straddle aesthetics and politics, and the role culture plays for ideas of citizenship in both political theory and European integration.

She said: “I am truly delighted to work alongside the Global Engagement Office at this particular moment in time. As the UK’s relationship to Europe is being recast, the role is a remarkable opportunity to help consolidate and galvanise UCL’s relationship with European research institutions, and contribute to shaping UCL’s vision in the mid and long term.”

Dr Karen Edge, Pro-Vice-Provost International commented: “Jan has been a great colleague and advocate for the Global Engagement Office and UCL in his role as Pro-Vice-Provost (Europe). We have all benefitted greatly from his passion, expertise and commitment. We look forward to keeping in touch from across the pond.

“Uta brings a wealth of experience and expertise from within and beyond UCL. As we enter yet another new phase of post-referendum life, Uta’s leadership of the Pro-Vice-Provost (Europe) portfolio will become even more important.”

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