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Cities partnerships Programme: Rome Funds recipients

The recipients of the Cities partnership Programme's first funding round for academic activity in Rome have been announced

Following a call for proposals for academic activity involving one or more UCL individuals and a partner based in Rome, the first wave of Cities partnerships Programme funding recipients has been announced. 

The projects set to receive funding cover a diverse range of research areas, from neuroscience to urban governance. Proposed activity in Rome will take the form of workshops, seminars, lab tours, lectures, podcast recordings and more. 

Congratulations to all recipients. The full list of academics and their projects is as follows: 



Project description

Prof Susan CollinsSlade School of Fine ArtExploring how ancient Rome’s technical innovations can inform our technologies of the future
Dr Jennifer Rushworth 
SELCSMourning: Different times, different forms
Dr Paul AyrisUCL Library Services 

Focus on open science workshop

Dr Sarah MilneBartlett School of ArchitectureOn the move: Food, merchants and the early modern European city
Dr Clare MelhuishUCL Urban LaboratoryConflicting heritage in the timeline: Representations, misrepresentations and ways forward
Dr Michael ShortBartlett School of Planning Planning for densification and housing in London and Rome: Urban design, real estate and sustainability agendas in practice
Dr Bendetto De Martino Institute of Cognitive NeuroscienceDecisions about decisions: Bridging between mathematical models of decision-making and metacognition
Prof Davide Ravasi UCL School of ManagementUCL-LUISS doctoral development workshop
Dr Taku FujiyamaCivil EngineeringDeveloping and running a professional development course on railway traffic control for practitioners in Rome and in London
Dr Jenny McArthurScience, Technology, Engineering and Public PolicyUrban governance amidst political and economic crises: Comparative learnings from Rome and Athens

Dr Michaela 

Social Science DSSLife course transitions and Italian migrants in time of change and austerity
Dr Silvia Suteu LawsThe rise of constitutional identity review in Europe: A critical assessment
Dr Maria Maiaru Cell and Developmental Biology 

London-Rome: Together against pain

Prof Carolo Marinelli 

MathematicsStochastic and PDE methods in economics and finance
Dr Mingqing Wang Institute for Materials DiscoveryExploring collaboration opportunities on biosensors and renewable energy between UCL and URTV
Prof Lucie GreenSpace and Climate PhysicsDeveloping the next generation of techniques and devices for studying the solar magnetic field
Dr Lara GoscéInstitute for Global Health London-Rome workshop on infectious diseases: Epidemiology, modelling and health economics
Prof Ruth LoveringInstitute of Cardiovascular ScienceBridging the gap between experimentalists, biocurators and analysis tool providers (BGAP)
Prof Nigel Klein UCL GOS Institute of Child HealthTowards developing a cure for children with HIV
Dr Gabriella Conti EconomicsPolicy options to reduce the burden of disease in England: A dynamic microsimulation
Prof Chronis TzedakisGeographyGeological archives of past warm periods from Central Italy and their potential for climate research
Dr Marc Esteve Political ScienceThe influence of individual characteristics on the performance of government employees: A metaregression
Prof Liz Rideal Slade School of Fine Art Feu Follet : Flying again - ghosts in word and image
Prof Patrick HaggardInstitute of Cognitive NeuroscienceThe limits of pain and the nature of human experience
Dr Mark HerbsterComputer ScienceThe development of novel artificial intelligence approaches to the study of lifelong learning