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Screening and early detection to prevent anal cancer; development of a biomarker screening tool.

Project Summary

SEPAC is an anal pre-cancer screening study.

As a part of the SEPAC study, 5 HIV clinics across London provide an opportunity for anyone living with HIV, aged 40 years or older and men who have sex with men or transgender women (male at birth) to be screened for anal pre-cancer. All participants will undergo high resolution anoscopy examination and have samples taken for biomarker analyses.

To learn more about the SEPAC study, please see the attached Participant Information Sheet. You can also contact Research Nurse Deirdre Sally (cnwl.sepac@nhs.netfor further information about the SEPAC study.


The study aims to develop and evaluate a primary screening tool for anal pre-cancer that would allow the identification and treatment of early disease, to help detect anal pre-cancer earlier and improve anal cancer outcomes.

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