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How the platform works

How to access and contribute to our data collection

TB-IPD Contributing and using data diagram
Diagram showing the principle steps in contributing data to, or applying to use data within the TB-IPD


We are keen to incorporate as many relevant datasets into the IPD as possible, in order that the added value from analysing the pooled data is as high as possible. The WHO will periodically publish calls for new datasets, but people with data may contact us at any time.

Data Contributors will need to:

  • Contact the UCL team
  • sign a  with UCL, that both protects their rights regarding the data, and also confirms that they have the authority and relevant ethical permissions to share the data
  • ensure that there is no Personal Data that can directly identify an individual
  • align the data as far as possible with the Data Dictionary being used by the IPD

Researchers wishing to use the IPD Data will need to:

  • complete a  in which their proposed questions and analyses are explained, and reassurance given that they have appropriate permissions and systems to use the data ethically and securely
  • have their proposal approved by a Data Access Committee that will meet periodically
  • sign a  with UCL, which will include conditions of use such as publishing results using Open Access, and how to acknowledge the IPD and the Data Contributors


*Data Dictionary: Please check with Asset Administrator before preparing data or making requests.

Whilst we are happy to receive comments on these documents, these versions are in current use and cannot be amended for specific data contributions/releases.