Global Governance Institute


Global Security

Global Security 2

Convenor: Kristin Bakke

Security is the foundational cornerstone of international relations scholarship. This research cluster will engage traditional security concerns which arise from the continuing prominence of ‘the game of nations’. However, research activities will also reflect changes in the threat environment, particularly the impact of globalisation, data, and new technology in creating new risks, threats, and vulnerabilities for states and individuals. Many of these non-traditional security concerns are transboundary by nature, problematising territorial, state-based regulation, and generating demands for new scales of governance. This track will also engage in critical and theoretically-informed work on security in order to promote new, more socially-just frameworks of global governance. Recent institute events have examined nuclear disarmament and the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine.

Areas of interest: laws of war and transnational security, resource resilience, security of ecological services, health and environmental risks.

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