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How do we contribute towards teaching at UCL and beyond?


Paul makes substantive contributions to teaching at UCL including 15 lectures across 5 UCL MSc & BSc courses (including lectures, tutorials and examinations). He is the module lead for 'Inflammation and Disease' and 'Multi-omics and Ethics'; and deputy module lead for 'Practical Laboratory Research Skills'.

Paul also is the Director of the popular ‘Introduction to Molecular Biology Techniques’ workshop offered as a Bi-annual continuing professional development short course (CPD). This unique workshop teaches all essential molecular biology and biochemistry techniques through hands-on experiments over the course of 4 days and is ideal, for example, for new PhD students, experienced lab staff who are branching out into biochemistry or molecular biology, or scientists who wish to refresh their practical skills after a leave of absence.

Student thesis projects & Public Engagement

The lab is always happy to supervise BSc and MSc students and has done so successfully over the past years. Please reach out to us via email if you are interested in doing a research project with us.

We are also part of the in2science project and are happy to host students who are interested in seeing what lab work looks like on a day-to-day basis. Reach out to us if you want to SkypeAScientist (find out more about this project, connecting classrooms with scientists, here).