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Lab Members

Who's in the Frankel group and what are former members up to now?

Current Lab Members

Group Leader

Dr Paul Frankel (PhD)

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Dr Vanessa French (PhD)


  • Miss Laura Wisniewski  (PhD student) 

Laura studied Biotechnology during her undergraduate research with the B-TU Senftenberg in Germany, doing research projects with Prof Charles Stiles at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Dr Claire Wells at King's College London. She did her MSc in Cancer at UCL and spent her research project with the Frankel lab before starting doctoral work at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine in Muenster, Germany, where she learned the zebrafish fin regeneration model and investigated Notch, VEGF, and endoglin signalling during embryonic development and regeneration. She then moved to the Frankel lab for her PhD research work which is being generously funded by the British Heart Foundation. Laura is part of the UCL BHF Fundraising group, e.g. participating in Prudential50 in 2018, and also an active member of the Division of Medicine Athena SWAN team. Follow her on Twitter @LWisniewski90 for science news, #metooSTEM news, and general opinions.

  • Mr Sean Lott (iBSC student)
  • Mr Yuen Bun (Leo) Bun (MSc Student)

Meet the Lab - in Pictures!

Former Lab Members

PhD students and post-doctoral researchers

  • Dr Caroline Pellet-Many (currently a lecturer at the Royal Veterinary College)
  • Dr Angela Barrett (currently a postdoc at University College London)
  • Dr Tonya Frolov (currently employed as product development research assistant at Elixir de Beaute)
  • Dr Nicola Lockwood (currently a postdoc at the Francis Crick Institute)
  • Dr Marie-Christine Ramel (currently a postdoc at Imperial College London)

PhD rotation, MSc and BSc students

  • Mr Ben Ringham-Terry, MRes (BHF 4 year studentship rotation)
  • Miss Joanna Burr
  • Mr Dilraj Matharu
  • Mr Roger de Alwis
  • Miss Yigun 'Vicky' Liu
  • Miss Georgia Hartnell
  • Miss Laura Wisniewski
  • Miss Rachel Patel