Finance and Business Affairs


Training Resources

See below links to online training materials, such as videos, presentations and reference materials from previous courses and Bitesize seminars.

Bitesize - Funding
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REF Bitesize seminar presented by Margaret Lloyd (Sep 20):

Covering how the REF exercise works and how Mainstream Quality Research (QR) and PGR Support income is calculated and distributed across UCL.


Slides from the OVPA Bitesize Seminar (Nov 19):

Covering due diligence, gift acceptance, gift agreements and disbursement of donations.

Research Overheads

Research Overheads Bitesize Seminar (Apr 18):

Covering how to apply for research overheads and what happens to awarded overheads.


Slides from UCL Consultancy Bitesize Seminar (May 19):

Covering an overview of consultancy, consultancy processes, WIP calculations, BAFs and managing UCLC finances.
UK Funding Council

UK Funding Council (ex-HEFCE) Recurrent Grant Bitesize Seminar (Feb 19):

Covering what funding we receive and how it is allocated.

Bitesize - Reporting & Processes
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Budget Update 20/21

Budget update 20/21 update presented by Phil Harding (Sept 2020):

An overview of the UCL budget for 20-21, including the challenges facing UCL and the sector.

Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts Bitesize Seminar (Jul 21):

Covering what a PTAE is, how PTAEs affect the I&E and the criteria considered by the School teams when considering requests for new PTAs. 


Forecasting Bitesize Seminar (Oct 19):

Covering the reasons why we need budgets and forecasts, the benefits of good financial planning, how to forecast for different types of income and expenditure and guidance on how to deliver a realistic forecast.


Budgeting Bitesize Seminar (Jan 20):

Covering the need for budgets and how they are distinct from forecasts, the impact of budgeting, considering different income and expenditure streams, the budgeting timeline and tips on how to deliver a realistic budget.

UCL Financial Statements

Presentation of the 2017/18 Financial Statements (Jan 19):

Covering the purpose of the statutory accounts, how consolidated figures are pulled together and additional disclosures required.

Purchasing & Expenses

Purchasing & Expenses Bitesize Seminar (Jul 19):

Covering the purchasing, expenses and key travel processes, as well as a look at future initiatives.


Procurement Bitesize Seminar (Jul 21):

Covering what Procurement is and why it is important to UCL; the structure of the Procurement team; Finance systems within the Procurement process; Procurement data for Departmental analysis and information on new supplier contracts.

Bitesize - Sales & Tax
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Sales Invoice

Raising a Sales Invoice Bitesize Seminar (Mar 18):

Covering the process, key VAT rules and how to check if an invoice has been paid.


Zero Rating & the Tax Treatment of Medical Equipment:

Covering guidance on what type of goods qualify for VAT zero rating and what items do not qualify.

Import VAT and Duty for Goods and Equipment:

Covering guidance on the aspects of taxation that need to be considered when importing goods and equipment.


Bitesize - Student Income
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Student Fee Income

Reporting on Student Fee income workshop (Jan 18):

Covering the systems used for processing tuition fees and reporting in Axiom

Student Load and Tuition Fees

Student Load and Tuition Fees Bitesize Seminar (Jan 18):

Covering what student load is and how it is calculated and then used for tuition fee allocation

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Various Axiom resources, including how-to videos, guidance notes for Axiom reports, how to mange sponsored research finance with Axiom, and links with Worktribe and MyFinance

iProcurementHow-to videos for the following topics on iProcurement in MyFinance
MyFinanceMyFinance Quick Reference Guides covering catalogue and non-catalogue requisitions, iExpenses, IDJs and IDTs
MyFinanceMyFinance help covering tasks within the MyFinance system e.g. how to raise a PO, how to add a key member
  • the '?' symbol once logged into MyFinance provides a menu with a search function available.
WorktribeWorktribe How-to videos covering project creation, approval and award management
Month End & Year End
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Month EndMonth end processes bitesize seminar (May 18) covering the timetable, tasks to be performed, journals and supporting evidence and reporting. 
Year End

Year End 2020-21:

The slides from the Year End seminars are available here, and you can follow the link to Year End materials including timetable, guidance and templates. 

Organisational Development Training
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Organisational Training (Feb 2020)These materials from the Organisational Development course are designed to provide an understanding of how the higher education sector is funded and to give specific insight on UCL's financial model and strategy. They also cover key financial regulations and budget holder responsibilities.
External Resources
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BUFDG Pro CoursesThe British Universities Finance Director's Group provides 11 e-learning courses, covering a variety of topics. Whilst not UCL specific, they are very useful for Finance in Higher Education. Simply register with your UCL email address for access to the courses.
UCL Finance Overviews
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Understanding University FinanceThis comprehensive guide has been put together by the British Universities Finance Directors Group (BUFDG). Sections include understanding the higher education sector, interpreting annual financial statements and investing for the future, making this a useful resource for a variety of university stakeholders.
Strategic FinanceThe slides presented to the Provost's Leadership Programme in December 2019 provide an interesting overview of UCL's financial strategy, the role of faculty contribution and the current financial challenges for the sector and for UCL.