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Cybersystemics: what is it and why it is a useful new way to think about complex problems?

21 November 2023, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

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In this talk, Dr Stephen Harwood introduces the concept of cybersystemics and explains how it can be used to help handle wicked situations.

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About the Lecture:

There is growing recognition that there is a need for holistic approaches to deal with situations which are characterised by their complexity, uncertainty, and turbulence, in other words, it is unclear what the problem is. These ill-defined problems are called wicked problems. One way of dealing with these types of problems draws upon concepts from cybersystemics (the fusion of cybernetics and systems thinking). Drawing upon Dr Harwood’s research, this talk introduces the concept of cybersystemics and explains how it can be used to help handle these wicked situations using the VIPLAN Methodology.

About the Speaker

Stephen Harwood

Lecturer at UCL Centre for Systems Engineering

Dr Stephen Harwood has recently joined the UCL Centre for Systems Engineering (Dept of Space and Climate Physics) as a lecturer. His research is multi-disciplinary with emphasis upon sustainable development and the strategic application of emerging technologies through the conceptual lens of cybersystemics, this presented in a growing portfolio of publications. His industrial experience spans the coal-oil, electronics and tourism industries with a variety of roles that include geophysicist, writer, educator, change agent, entrepreneur and director. His twitter (formerly Twitter) handle is @drsharwood.