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CANCELLED:Learning to decode (read) Spanish is easy!

03 March 2020, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

map with images and words in Spanish

Due to UCU strike action this event has been cancelled and will take place on another date TBC.

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Emma Hart


Darwin Lecture Theatre
Darwin Building
Gower St
United Kingdom

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About the lecture:
Spanish, due to its 1:1 correspondence between grapheme and phoneme, is very easy to learn to read (decode). In this session, emphasis is placed on the historical and cultural aspects surrounding Spanish (the Moors, the conquistadores) and on the musicality of the language. Poetry and prose are used, from García Lorca to Miguel de Cervantes and from animation to opera, to facilitate learning, motivate learners and widen horizons in the classroom. The cross curricular approach used is full of magical realism, and all that is required of an audience is an open mind, and at times, a slight competitive edge.

About the Speaker

Paula Ambrossi

Lecturer in Education - MFL at UCL

Paula Ambrossi (Psychology/Computing BSc, Spanish/French PGCE, ICTs MA) Lecturer in Education - MFL.My interests are diverse, but they culminate in creative, cross-curricular approaches to teaching and learning (in the Humanities) which are centered in the interactions between teacher and learner -not only content and form. I currently deliver the Applied Drama course in the primary PGCE, where I have worked for the last 10 years. I am also a doctoral student, exploring the ethical use of photographic representation of human distress.Originally from Chile, I have lived in England for the last 30 years; I have a post-colonial past.