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VIRTUAL EVENT: Insights from the COVID 19 crisis useful for the UK’s energy transition to net zero

16 June 2020, 1:00 pm–1:30 pm

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This Lunch Hour Lecture will explore how the Covid-19 crisis could be used to improve energy transition strategy for the coming 30 years.

This event is free.

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Virtual event

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About the lecture:
The COVID-19 epidemic has led to tumultuous disruptions in economy, politics, and society. New and far-reaching policies have changed our daily lives, while energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions have decreased significantly. The UK is also facing the huge challenge of achieving net zero GHG emissions by 2050. This talk will present a theory on how these two challenges compare, including the roles of technology transition, political capital and public cooperation; and five propositions on how insights about the COVID-19 crisis could be used to improve energy transition strategy for the coming 30 years. 

If you have trouble accessing the lecture by booking on the link above, please tune in directly using the link below. The link will be live from 13:00 on Tuesday. 


About the Speaker

Rachel Freeman

Research Fellow at Energy Institute, BSEER, UCL

Rachel Freeman, is a Research Fellow at the Energy Institute, BSEER, UCL. She is currently working on simulation modelling of the UK’s energy transition towards net zero GHG emissions. The modelling represents the social, political and technological complexity of whole system change. Dr Freeman has years of experience in consulting to large and small organisations, carrying out statistical analysis, software engineering, engineering and economic analysis of energy technologies, carbon footprinting, and energy resource planning. Her academic specialty is in applying systems thinking and systems modelling to improve understanding of complex issues related to sustainability and resilience.