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VIRTUAL EVENT: Trump, 2020, and America in a post-Covid world

02 July 2020, 1:00 pm–1:45 pm

A road sign with the words '2020 Elections Ahead' in front of an American flag

In this Lunch Hour Lecture Dr Klaas give update on the 2020 election, while also forecasting how the United States might behave post pandemic.

This event is free.

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About this lecture:

The pandemic has affected American politics and America's place in geopolitics. In this talk, Dr. Klaas will provide an update on key dynamics heading toward the 2020 election in November while also forecasting how the United States will behave differently once the pandemic subsides. Will the US lose ground to China in geopolitical positioning? Will a new Cold War between Beijing and Washington erupt as each tries to blame the other for pandemic-related failures? And what are the stakes when voters head to the polls in November?

About the Speaker

Dr Brian Klaas

Lecturer in Global Politics at UCL

Dr Brian Klaas is a lecturer in global politics at University College London, a weekly columnist for The Washington Post, and the creator/host of the Power Corrupts podcast.

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